Simon’s Pike Stats

Simon Graham, pike guru, friend and funny guy and pike fly tier extraordinaire does it again with this absolutely awesome stats recap of this year’s season on his favorite playground and backyard, Replot Island – Finland where he lives and guides.

“They’ve taken me a while to compile but here are some of the more interesting stats from my season this year around the island. 

2011 stats

Fished exactly 240 consecutive days this season on the island
Approx 720hrs
1838 (pike) before 12h00
1059 (pike) after 12h00
First (120 days) – 1670 pike caught & released + 2 pike for the table
Second (120 days) – 1224 pike caught & released + 1 pike for the table
797 caught between 60cm – 65cm
691 caught between 65cm – 75cm
968 caught between 75cm – 85cm… “

sound good ? want more ? click here for a whole bunch of other details shared with us by Mister Pike. be sure to check out and dig inside his site for pike fly fishing enlightenment.