Mr. Softy visits the Limp Cobra

by Davie McPhail

you know it, with a name like that it can only be a sure-fire fantastico fish catcher ! :mrgreen:

primarily designed for UK type put-and-take stocked rainbow trout fisheries, this pattern who’s pretty obvious genetics we’ll link to Jack Gartside’s historical Gurgler is an extremely versatile streamer. versatile not only because it can be fished effectively from bottom to the surface depending on the fly line density employed but very versatile because this pattern can be either a pure ‘attractor’ or by changing color schemes and size can be a wounded, sick or dying fish, a mouse, a weird tadpole, leech or any number of slimy things traveling through the water column. either way, whatever it is taken for is far surpassed by it’s sexy-slinky movement and that’s what makes this pattern and its variants the catcher that it is.

as tied below, even with all that foam the rabbit strip tail once soaked with water won’t make it a great floater and that’s no problem because these really shine when fished with sinking lines. intermediates with short-short leaders or with higher density sinkers and then adjust the leader length to place the fly at the right hight from the bottom (we’ll need to think in a ‘reversed’ fashion to say, a nymph and indicator rig here. the line is cast, allowed to sink and it lays on the bottom of the lake or sea. the floating fly will hover above it. when the line is retrieved the fly slinkies down, during retrieve pauses the fly flutters back up)
this sinking line/floating fly method is called ‘Booby Style’ but these are a lot better than some dumb boobies  !

apart from the fly’s construction there’s some juicy tidbits we can take away from Davie’s video: attaching Fritz and zonker strips efficiently, other advantages of waxing thread and his ever-present “nice and tight” comments inciting the tier to keep constant thread tension. enjoy !

ps- i love coincidences. last night and before finding Davie’s video i tied several small variants of this Softy/Gurgler. pics coming soon !

Bob the Blob

another version of the ‘realistical blob’, this time renamed after a suggestion from my friend P-A. (who somehow thought ‘Bob the Blob’ was hilarious… )
BtB V1 caught my first fish this year so i kinda like it and will continue experimenting with this idea. yes, it’s not your conventional fly but seeing it swim is believing