by Elizabeth and Charles Schwarz 1966
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” The upper reaches of streams are a wonderful part of this world. But they are delicate and vulnerable environments, often assaulted unknowingly by human use of the land. The film introduces the “citizens” of this unique world, featuring the smallmouth bass, and shows how these creatures live and die in a small community. “

filmed almost fifty years ago here’s a lovely refreshing treat, specially if your summer heat is as nasty as it is here. primarily focussed on the smallmouth bass, this lovely time-piece is a reminder that each element in a system is just as important as another.

of course, one can wonder why they’d go all through all the effort of showing us what a special and vulnerable environment it is and end it all by showing fishers stringing up these fish for the sake of ‘sport’, but i guess that just like pollution, watershed management, forestry work and all the other elements that are detrimental to waterways, this  film reminds us that a lot of things don’t change.
ok, i had to include that last part because i can’t help it… but ! to not end on a negative note, the viewer can rejoice because even though death in various forms is normal and present throughout the film, there’s a whole lot of fish sex as well. the film is 30 minutes long so, if you can’t watch it now be sure to save it for later. enjoy !

click on the Schwartz’s pick for more info on this most productive nature filming couple.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”



although that might sound philosophically correct, it’s not entirely true and goes to show this guy wasn’t a fly fisher.
apart from one or two, most ff’ers don’t just sit there staring at walls trying to think of the next clever thing to say. among other goodies we literally immerse ourselves in a deceivingly peaceful yet hostile element while pretending it might as well be bath water with non-slip rubber thingies at the bottom of the tub. “unity of opposites” doesn’t apply to us because we have to deal with slimy stones and “the path up and down are one and the same”  for sure didn’t come out of the mouth of someone who has bad joints and had to go from a floundering situation to an upright one on those same slimy stones all the while trying to avoid breaking his Evil Black stick..

anyhow, yesterday afternoon while concentrating hard on not blanking again i managed to not only step in the same water but also fall in it in the exact same place and manner* as i did a few months back. not having a camera crew or a gopro to be able to show the World every single thing i do in life…, i’m sure you’ll take my word for it.

for the  philosophers out there, it looked a little like this.

* this particular method was named “the slow collapse” by it’s creator and ‘He who turned it into an art form’, my very dear friend Mark Surtees.