Poetry, Grace, Fluidity and the State of Relaxed Butt

cool news today !
issue no.3 of Eat Sleep Fish is out with a more detailed article on the S.R.B. method and it  happens to be my first fly casting article in an ezine.
ok, this time i’m tooting my own horn a little but be sure to check out all the other great stuff from this great magazine as well. enjoy ! (and relax those cheeks! :mrgreen:)
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Relaxed Fly Casting

by Jon B. Cave via Midcurrent

very much in line with my own teachings of relaxed casting form, Jon’s great article brings up an oh-so common flaw in the casting world, body tension and the negative effects it has on good line control.
Jon recommends mainly focusing on relaxing the casting hand and arm but i have different thoughts and suggestions on how to actually relax the whole body, which is a good thing because i’m in the middle of writing an article on that very subject for issue no. 3 of Eat, Sleep, Fish coming out next month !

” Casting a smooth and ripple-free loop is an integral part of performance fly casting. However, even an experi­enced caster can instinctively tighten up under pressure to increase distance, speed up the delivery, or make a particu­larly difficult presentation. The result of this tension, more often than not, is an inefficient cast. “

excerpted from Jon Cave’s ‘Performance Fly Casting’ book, click here for the full article.

S.R.B. (State of Relaxed Butt)

this amusing term originated from Stefan Siikavaara, IFFF-MCCI from Sweden in reference to a  casting demo i did for the group of instructors at fly casting gathering a few years back.

the idea is if we relax some of our muscle groups instead of tightening up as is so common, we’re more fluid and in better control when we move. we’ll be able to better use other muscle groups, we’ll bend, twist and straighten better, all the while being smoother and more precise in the way we move our whole body.
this leads to not only performing better but this also reduces the possibility of cramping up and injuries from over-exhertion and repetitive motions.

anyway, the SRB thing is quite simply relaxing the butt muscles combined with a slight flexion of the knees. doing these two things loosens up the whole back and legs and it really helps most people to stay consistent in their casting. as a side bonus, this tends to relax the shoulders, neck and mind as well. combine this with stretching and conscious controlled breathing and we’re good to go in peak condition.
a non-negligable effect to explaining this to a group is of course the giggles and goofy comments that arise, all working towards even more relaxation of the attendants.

the butt muscles are our biggest muscle group and it’s a place where a lot of us gather a lot of tension resulting in back/leg stiffness. take that tension away and we become like swaying, dancing springs. springs ready to jump into action !
get up and try it right now. i’m sure you’ll feel the difference.