in french, mouche (pronounced moosh) means fly.
this little fishing film is from our fly fishing sisters and brothers in Québec, Canada.

you’ll have noticed that i don’t post a lot of fishing films because
a- a lot of other blogs do that quasi-exclusively but mostly
b- although i live and breathe this stuff, the vast majority of fishing films suck or rather, the fisher’s attitudes suck. to these suckers, catching a fish is as if, well, i don’t know but all that whooping and hollering, fist-pumping and high-fiving all to the tune of some hardcore gibberish tune to enhance the moment doesn’t do it for me. whatever it is, it doesn’t look sincere and if it is its really a sad and really boring thing.

now, lets have a look at our Mouche friends when they hook up, present their fish to the camera and let it go. they smile and that smile is genuine and beautiful.
as my Mémé used to say, “smiles go a long way, much further than shouts”…