How to Dress It and How to Use It.

not much to not like with a title like that..,
Salmon Fly-dressit, use it
but with topics such as: Underwater Experiments, The ‘Instrument of Satisfaction’ (my favourite !),  Diagnosis of Flies, Symmetry of Flies, The ‘Line-of-Pull’, Holding the Hook (tying these lovely flies by hand) and gorgeous plates like this, that it’s kinda turned into a love affair.

this one’s a really special find that i hope you’ll enjoy as much as i did. click either pic to access the complete 510 page book online on OpenLibrary or HERE to download it in pdf file or Kindle and other nifty ways to read it later when offline.

Salmon Casts and Stray Shots

salmon casts and stray shots coverfirst attracted by the book’s and certain chapter’s titles such as the ” To The West, To The West ! “, this meandering, Scottish-based tale full of quirky anecdotes and full-on explanations why a salmon angler is more of a man than a lowly ‘yellow trout’ fisher… this fun-filled publication by John Colquhoun in 1858 is somehow setting the tone for my upcoming trip at the end of the month for the annual Gathering/Barrio ProTeam Hootenanny/yellow trout fishing trip/catch up with friends old and new/fine asian food/drive the van into the dust trip. somehow.


whether you plan on going to Scotland or not it still remains a fine read and comes highly recommended if you’re in the mood for something ‘exotic’.

click either book page to access the complete work on or here to download the PDF file for offline reading. enjoy !

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Me and the Mayfly

via the Imago Blog

always having strong issues about fishing for wild spawning fish, this little piece by Alex Gustafsson struck a resonant tone.

Is it bird, is it a plane??

No my friends, it´s just a simple mayfly.

One, simple mayfly!?

This is what I saw when after 48 hours of intense salmon fishing. (or really just casting tube flies with a two handed rod in a famous river were there supposedly could be a few salmons swiming.)

I found myself starring at it as it danced up´n down over the water and it just came to me, f**k this s**t.
 What am I doing here.

Why do I chase a fish thats here to spawn and not for eating. Why? It just dont make any sense.

I want to chase fish that eat, eat mayflies. I want to chase trout, grayling or why not arctic char.

I guess I just got a bit lost in the hunt for bigger and stronger fish that finally put me in that river with a big ass rod, chasing fish that dont eat.

Ok, the idea of catching a fresh salmon that just came up the river is fantastic. But still, seeing that mayfly reminded me of who I am as a flyfisherman.

So, a thank´s to mr. Bug for setting me straight this time.


like the bumper-sticker said: “If the van’s rockin’, don’t come knockin‘”…

Salmonia ;


and if that doesn’t get you all excited, this should do the trick !

click either pic to access a ‘Poem in praise of Walton’, ‘Gilaroo found only in Ireland’, ‘Impregnation of the ova of fish’ and all sorts of other assorted goodies in this lovely yet desperate Philosophical account of the d’Angle.