GTs eat Flip-Flops


“Giant Trevally are a predatory fish that have even been known to eat birds. This video is proof that they also eat bird flies made from flip flops that wash up on the shore. Shot on location at Farquhar Atoll in the Seychelles on November 16th, 2015.”

not only amusing and inspiring, this is a great reminder that ‘matching the hatch‘ isn’t just about bugs. enjoy !

Big Joe Turner being the great man that he was had of course envisioned this event…

old salts

by Michael Marshall and The American Museum of Fly Fishing

a very interesting eighteen minutes with some of the most renowned saltwater fly fishers both past and present.
full of anecdotes, history and a lot of wrinkled charm, this is well worth the watch. enjoy !

I could be wrong,

but from what i understand, there’s about a million Americans that have been told to not go to work, stay home and read The Limp Cobra so, this more-than-an-hour-full-length drooler’s just for you. i hope you’ll enjoy.
(non-Americans are of course more than welcome to enjoy this, specially if you’re at work)

do it yourself bonin’

hunting bonefish without a guide, that is.

pure irony has it that i was born in Florida but haven’t yet caught a bonefish, permit or tarpon. three things i’ll have to remedy asap ! i’ve landed a few good sized ‘cudas and even a little aligator but not on the fly so they don’t count because ‘cudas are ugly and ‘gators aren’t really fish but mostly if it ain’t not on the fly, it ain’t not on the fly…

anyway, it’s not often we get to see takes in such a clear manner. the fish fighting to get to the fly first is about as exciting as it gets in fly fishing.
the way they rip line off the reel on their way to Cuba comes close second.  enjoy !

ps: the film wasn’t shot in Florida but i’ll pretend it was.