the Definitive Clouser

as just about every single tying video by Tim Flagler, today’s infamous Clouser Minnow tutorial is one to bookmark and keep as a reference.
extreeeemely well detailed with special focus points to help us construct a strong, effective and fish-attracting fly. this is a real gem, enjoy !

a Multi-Feather Flatwing

tied by Joe Cordeiro, courtesy of Tightline Productions

there’s an enormous amount of well thought out and well explained details on the making of this type of fly here, something for all of us to take back to the bench whether we tie these bigguns or not.

“And there you go. One beautiful and extremely effective multi-wing flat-wing fly… “
enjoy !

The DNA Livebait Fly

for those who believe that larger flies are difficult to tie and very expensive to make, here’s a super-nice, easy to tie, easy to cast and very effective eel imitation for you to enjoy at today’s brunch break.
the pre-tie fiber preparation tip at the end is a real gem and the same idea can be used for many other types of patterns. lets your creative juices flow !