the Circle

this 51cm – 20″ beauty from a northern England limestone creek was a special fish, a two fisher fish.

i had spotted it holding in its shallow lie and covered it several times with several generic mayfly imitations but it wasn’t in the least bit interested so after a while i insisted that it was buddy Mark Legget‘s turn to temp it.

several “no, you spotted it, its yours” and “yeah, but it doesn’t like me and i really want you to catch it”s later, he not-really reluctantly gave in and positioned himself while i spotted from up on the bank and two perfect drifts later hooked up. after a good fight from both parties i landed it for Mark and we where able to briefly admire it from close up.

memory’s poor, i’ve always had a hard time remembering numbers, but i believe it was around 1,6kg – 3 1/2 lbs. that’s no record by any means but its really an awesome fish for such a small stream but a lot more than that, this was the nicest catch in ages.

Mark was of course happy but something deep inside tells me that i was a lot happier, reminding me of my youth and Hugo my godmother’s husband who was a ‘second father’ for me of sorts who so frequently brought me along on his fishing trips and who was always ecstatic when i’d manage to bring a fish to the net, no matter its size.

we’re of about the same age and Mark and i of course don’t have the mentor/parental or whatever else connection i had with Hugo but this fish left a similar feeling; of having shared and completed a scenario with its wished-for outcome as a team making it a much greater sum than its parts. the circle is complete.

brainwashem’ young- First Encounter

no, outside of being an object papa Daniel Bergman loves to play with, he most probably doesn’t have a clue what this strange object is but there’s a good chance that later on the ‘metal-thingy/papa-fun’ image will remain and come back when the time is right.

‘brainwashing’ in the sense of this series’ title is all about letting the wee ones discover our wonderful enriching activity on their own with little hints and gentle guidance from us along the way. even if it’s a 700$ rod or vice, go ahead, let them play with your toys. it’s one of the better things these toys will ever do.

brainwashem' young 'first encounter' TLC 18-7-13