Fishbrain-waves and Shinola

Shinola |SHīˈnōlə|noun trademark
 a brand of boot polish.
• informally used as a euphemism for “shit”: there’ll be the same old Shinola on television.
“not know shit from Shinola” vulgar slang used to indicate that someone is ignorant or innocent.

from a strict scientific point of view, i have absolutely no idea what these images might mean… but ! an overwhelmingly strong gut feeling tells me that apart from a very few and feeble electrical impulses bouncing around incoherently there isn’t a heck of a lot going on there and this is a good thing for us fly fishers !

yes, we can safely continue casting out our ‘anything-goes’, messy blobs of fluff, feathers and fur that look like nothing at all with the supreme confidence they’ll work majestically because our slimy-innocent friends most probably (well, i’m positive) can’t tell the difference between (figuratively speaking) shit and Shinola

videos via Barry Ord Clarke’s TheFeatherBender. enjoy !