How fish would see insects

if they had laser-scanning microscopic vision but perhaps luckily enough for us, they don’t, or otherwise they’d never be so easily fooled by our silly little flies… 😉

midge pupae

“If you’ve ever wondered how a diving beetle swims through the water or manages to rest just on the surface, the answer is in part because its foot is infinitely more complicated than your own… The photos are made with a confocal laser-scanning microscope capable of “seeing” vast amounts of detail beyond what you might capture with a traditional lens-based microscope.”   trés groovy. for more absolutely amazing-mind-bending close-up bug imagery by Igor Siwanowicz click either pic above. enjoy !

diving beetle a.k.a, our little friend the singing penis.

“Singing Penis sets noise record for water insect. “

a little-known fact about a little-known bug. apparently this little Water Boatman, formally known as Corixidae can sing his ‘head’ off through stridulation (rubbing body parts together) at a sound level of 99.2 decibels, the equivalent of listening to a loud orchestra play while sitting in the front row !

click on the pic above for the full BBC article and listen to their special song.

imitations of these little bugs in stillwaters can be of great interest for the fly fisher. they’re very effective when the real ones are out, not difficult to tie, they have rather looney swimming patterns that are fun to try to imitate during the retrieves and now that we know how sexy they are it can all add up for an amusing time on the water.

as fly tiers, it’s always a fun challenge to find better ways to imitate creatures and the boatman has brought on a whole new dimension. i’ll work myself raw if i have to but getting the sound just right for this one has become an obsession ! i’ll let you know how it goes.