a little love

‘Harrop-style cripple on a TMC 101 #18 by David Stenström

sure, we see very small and much smaller flies all the time but it’s not every day we get to see one that has all the very same elements and proportions as a much bigger fly so successfully condensed to this size. i can’t think of a trout water on earth where this little cutie wouldn’t do wonders…

a little love

for more of David’s super-sweet treats be sure to click the pic.

fluoro nymph

Fluoro Nymph from Juan Ramirez

although it could be a lot smaller, this wee nymph in a size 20 is a great example of small-small fly design.
key trigger points prime, all the same elements are there as on bigger flies: tails, abdomen, thorax, wing case and wingy-leggy thingies and a little head but to make these patterns work and be successful we need to stay minimalist with all the ingredients, particularly with the thread. be sure that each wrap contributes to the fly’s construction. if it doesn’t, don’t wrap it !
in a way it’s more of a mental approach than anything else. not only do they catch fish where other patterns won’t but they’re also an exercise in style for the tier. we also learn to trust our thread and that’s one of the key elements in good fly tying.
i’m firmly convinced that learning to tie the micro flies makes for better fly tying overall when we go back to the bigger sizes. sure, some patterns need bulk and/or density but generally speaking, less is more. it’s all good !

be warned, it’s a great tying tutorial but Juan doesn’t talk and the music is despicable
try this instead and slide the video’s volume cursor to the left to silence it: enjoy !