steppin’ back in

after a few weeks of shoulder pains a little ‘getting back to shape’ casting session brought back the oh-so needed fix.  the SnakeCharmer is turning out to be something really special, a high performance, hard-to-put-down rod specially when paired to a Barrio long-belly GT140 line. a truly superb combo.

it’s really amazing how easy casting form both goes away and comes back. every time i’ve had a break from the rod the exact same fault inevitably creeps up: using too much force.
1, 2, 3 take a few deep breaths. relax the cheeks, think smooth, silky-sexy and bingo, the  body gets back to doing what it’s supposed to do and tight and controlled loops start rolling off the rod tip: back in the ‘zone’.

my first trout

ok, the photo sucks. it really doesn’t do justice to this absolutely gorgeously beautiful wilder-than-wild trout from just under the Polar Circle in Sweden i caught last summer but i wanted to share it here anyway. at around 55cm, this was one of the strongest and down-and-dirty fighting fish in this size i’ve ever caught. strong…

the Snakecharmer did a wonderful job at taming it. this was a first for both of us: it’s first decent-sized fish and to explain this post’s title, my first decent-sized fish on a bamboo rod. i’ve heard many times that bamboo tires fish out faster than carbon and i’ll wait for a few more hundred fishes before trying to formulate any kind of opinion on that. however, what was a very interesting experience was how much i could feel the fish during the fight compared to all my other non-bamboo rods. the slightest shake of the head, speed up or slow down or change of direction was transmitted instantly to the hand. definitely a plus fishingfighting-wise and even more so fun-wise. a little bit smaller trout came to the net a short while after helping me to confirm this impression.

on a funnier note, the reel fell off when i was fighting this beauty and fell over the gunwale and into the lake ! this helped to heighten the experience…

this pic shows it’s beauty a little bit better

thanks for the great memories mister trout, see ya soon.

The Snakecharmer

“because fly lines are wild snakes that need to be tamed… “

here’s the beast, a 7’3” 6wt hexagonal bamboo rod with a bamboo ferule and a very special super-fast taper (faster then most fast-tapered carbon rods) specially built to my specs from Ulf Löfdal. although the lower 3/4 of the rod is very fast the upper 1/4 is very supple, sensitive and with a fantastically fast recovery speed (going from bent to straight after loop formation), enabling great loop control and line tension. some relate fast to being stiff but this isn’t the case for this rod. it’s got a lot of power yet the experienced caster remains in full control whether it’s for casting in the short, middle or long ranges. not what one would expect from your typical bamboo rod.
i’ll have a lot more to say about it later when i’ve fully assimilated it’s potential but one thing’s for sure, it’s gonna make for some fun times in the future !