two baby birds and a billion droned Sockeyes.

here’s a five and a half minute hovering reminder of just how f’n amazingly beautiful and fascinating our world is.
breath it in deeply and don’t exhale. enjoy !

Sockeye Butts

and a few flanks and heads.

by Eiko Jones, here’s a lovely, can’t-get-enough, intimate and wonderfully silent underwater escapade featuring these fascinating migrators in their glorious party attire. be sure to watch it in full screen, enjoy !

how Salmon find their way home.

via National Geographic, photo courtesy of Todd Mintz.

“To find their way back home across thousands of kilometers of ocean, salmon imprint on [i.e. learn and remember] the magnetic field that exists where they first enter the sea as juveniles”

sockey spawning

“So Putman and colleagues hypothesized that salmon were using variations in the Earth’s magnetic field to figure out where “home” was. If this was true, then the researchers could see if a salmon’s ability to navigate changed over time with small, naturally occurring variations in the global magnetic field.
Putman and colleagues used 56 years of fisheries data to study a group of sockeye salmon that spawned in the Fraser River in British Columbia and spent much of their adult lives in and around Alaska‘s Aleutian Islands. The researchers studied the likely routes the salmon took in transit between these two locations and compared it to data on the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field at the time.”

fascinating stuff and something i’ve always wondered about. for more of this groovy-magnetely delicious-fishy study click the pic above and to find out how these fish sound and know all about their food preferences click below. enjoy !