wild ’bout

“It is not every day I find a special stream like this with such robust wild brookies and indescribable beauty below the surface.”
i couldn’t agree more. here’s a lovely little river snorkelling film filled with curious and adorable little brookies and bigger ones making more curious and adorable little brook trout.

there’s also a whole lot of leaves. billions.

big thanks to BlueBlood for this gorgeous treat. enjoy !

eighteen minutes of Brook Love

by Dennis Smeaton

in itself, it’s not like watching fish having sex is all that interesting but it’s not so often we get the opportunity to see them do it either. better yet, we’re not going to actually see any slimy fluids dispersion but rather the process of preparing the redd, mate selection, chasing off of sneaking opportunity seekers but most importantly, just how darn beautiful they are in their environment.
wonderfully unpolluted by flies, fishers and loud music, this little film is a real treat. enjoy !

a bit disappointed by the lack of information available on the net on this uniquely gorgeous fish to share with you, the best i could find was on Wikipedia HERE. it’s still worth the read.