He keeps silent, like a deaf pig in the wheat-field.

if like me, piggy thinks these things look like stoneflies maybe he’ll lose his appetite and get his hearing back…

Tim’s Little Black Stone

by Tim Flagler via TightLineVideo

hard to think of a nicer, simpler, great surface footprinted, Wonder-Winged, low-riding adult stonefly pattern.
harder yet to think of anything else i could add to what looks like the end-all stonefly imitation except for… enjoy !

ps- well ok, just one thing. try not to crowd the hook eye so much with excess materials when you’re tying your own… ūüėÜ


Stonefly¬†exoskeletons ¬†(order:¬†Plecoptera)¬†found near a french Pyrenean river. it’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly but i believe them to be of the¬†Leuctra ariega species even if they seem to be a bit too big for that particular bug.
whatever they are they’re beautiful and i know the trouts like them too…


Tying a Golden Stonefly Nymph

 by Davie McPhail

you’ll have guessed by now that i’m a great fan of Davie McPhail’s tying skills and videos. just about every evening i’ll go through his video channel, just one tie at a time, watching sometimes over and over until i feel confident i’ve assimilated the techniques.¬†observing

this bug is a fine blend between realistic and ‘fishable’ flies. vary sizes and colors and this stonefly will catch ¬†fish anywhere in the World. enjoy.