sport fishing ?

i’ll let you decide for yourself.

below is a particularly poignant comment on this tournament from buddy Jim in Florida.

” That is without doubt the most disgusting tv show I’ve ever seen that was related to fishing. It’s on down here all tarpon season and is impossible to avoid when flipping through the channels trying the find a decent weather forecast.  This is the typical shit funded by corporate,  tax-deductable advertising money dispensed by CEO’s totally out of touch with the planet and nearly everyone in it that still has a viable brain.

To understand, you need to know how american corporations work At the top is the Chairman of the board. Every one of them is afraid to hire anyone very smart for fear of being ousted himself, so by the time the hiring has progressed from Chairman of the Board down through the pecking order to the Marketing VP, he cannot hire an Advertising VP any smarter than one of The Three Stooges.

So when you get to the film script writer promoting  the “Series”,  you get this:

It is way, WAY more damning than the video actually Condemning it is. And they are proud of themselves.  Rah! RaH! Yamaha! have another Miller.

That place is filled to the gills with huge hammerheads and bulls, and all those Yamaha’s are their dinner bell. It would not surprise me one bit if fewer than 10% of the fish released survive. They are routinely hauling in huge females well over 60 years old full of eggs , treating them in a manner that would get me arrested on the spot, and releasing them exhaused and bleeding to evade 1,000 lb predators with sensors so acute they can detect stingrays burried in the muck from the miniscule electrical signals given off by their nerves. And the Yamaha/Miller stooges talk about the “villains” the sharks.

They harass the fish the entire time they are stacked up in the pass.

So, it seems that the Japanese have adopted US corporate heirarchy policy,  since Yamaha is a main sponsor of the counter-productive, senseless butchery along with Miller. When there are no fish and no need for outboards, and no one for the jet skiiers to harass, they can always switch to personal space craft. Have another Miller.

That whole pass should be shut down to all fishing during the spawn. They have done it in numerous places  around the reefs here in the Keys permanently, year round,  and not a fucking one of us has died from swearing at them yet. Nor hung up our rods for croquet mallets either. “

to make it worse, these are spawning fish. if you’re as disgusted by these activities as i am, please take the time to sign the petition. info at the end of the first video. thanks