The Basic Cast

by Joan Wulff via MiddCurrent

what a treat !
here’s a wonderful tutorial of the most basic fly cast, the Pick Up and Lay Down.
the PU&LD is what leads to just about any and all aerial casts. with a few slight variances we’ll find the same principles with water-born casts as well, making this foundation invaluable for any fly fisher.

i do feel the need to add just two minor critiques: for the life of me i can’t understand why Joan felt the need to say that this cast is specifically used for nymphs and streamers and personally, i can not recommend using the thumb-on-top grip for someone learning to cast. it’s not that a caster can’t be efficient with this grip style because many excellent casters do use it. however, in my experience this is the grip style that leads to the most errors in wrist control which is one of the hardest bad habits to get rid of.

grip choice is of course style related, meaning that it isn’t substance, the ‘meat’ of casting or it’s Essentials.
it’s an individual’s choice. if it works, use it. if it don’t, find something that does.

MiddCurrent’s Vimeo account wont allow me to embed the video here so simply click the image below to see it on their channel. enjoy !