A Package from Sweden and Another Story not About Fishing

want a cool read ? well, look no further.
Quill Gordon, winner of last month’s “Friggin’ Awesome” photo contest    is shack-nastying in a way too frigid Vermont but his fingers are on fire and here’s some friggin’ awesome story telling. enjoy !

“Robbie was a big, ruddy Scotsman who had grown up in Australia. He was an adventurous fellow and, in his youth, he had been the main attraction at Captain Jack Freemantle’s Reptile Farm and Tannery, subduing crocodiles to the delight of Japanese tourists who came all the way to Australia just to see him. Unfortunately, Captain Jack’s place was destroyed by a flood in 1975 and, in order to distance himself from the legal proceedings that arose from the inadvertent release of some 16,000 crocodiles into the surrounding countryside, Robbie fled to the U.S. and became a professional wrestler.”

A Package from Sweden and Another Story not About Fishing « The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond.

The Friggin’ Awesome Fly Photo Cobra Contest Winner !

Friggin’ Awesomely toughtoughtough choice !

i’m really touched by the great turnout and witty images received for this month’s contest and want to thank all the participants again for sending in such quality photos with equal thanks to Jeanie and Carl McNeil and Bob Wyatt without whom i wouldn’t have had such an awesome prize to give away.
best fly photo goes to Ulf Börjesson of southern Sweden for his friggin’ awesome mayfly image. however, Ulf declined the prize as he just wanted to participate in our contest,

so, Quill Gordon is the happy winner of Bob Wyatt’s Flies that Catch Fish Volume 1 Dry Flies and Emergers dvd with his funny “I am having trouble getting my flies down to the fish” photo !!! something a lot of us can relate to this winter…
(what i’ve been wondering about since i’ve seen this pic is just how hard he must have cast to crack the top layer of ice !…) :mrgreen: an unexpected treat came in the form of Martin Johansson’s photo of his lovely daughter tying flies and Carl McNeil has very kindly offered to send the two of them another dvd. as those who follow the Cobra know, the BrainWashem’ Young category and anything that encourages children to get to know and love our activity is close to my heart so,  thanks a lot Carl !

stay tuned for a new contest soon in 2012 !

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Twelfth Entry

by Jan Korrubel – South Africa

Jan had already sent entry no. 3 where after a week we still can’t see a fly.., which somehow made made me think that he at least subliminally desired seeing the first slideshow on the Cobra, so anyhow, i guess he wanted to make up and sent us this landslide ‘o friggin’ awesome flies !

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“A herd (?) of Billfish (sailfish and marlin) flies that I tied for the annual WildFly Billifish Challenge out of Hemingway’s in Kenya last year.   These guys are tandem rigs on a 6/0 with a 4/0 stinger, and are about 8 inches long… ”

“Billfish addendum – single fly…. “

 “Some “Seathrew Minnow’s” that I tied for a friend that went on an Indian Ocean trip – unfortunately the weather got the upper hand, and they never got to swim… 😦 “

“Some “Spoon” flies I tied for friends going on a central African Tigerfish trip – tigers like a copper/gold and red combo… “

“Mulberry’s and Cream anyone…?   Some “Mulberry” flies I tied for a chap that was going carp fishing…apparently they worked a real treat!  🙂 “

“A batch of “Papa Roach” style dragonfly flies – “Who’s looking at YOU then…?”

i hope i got the order right… 

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Eleventh Entry

by Acey Fiveash aka The Agitated Angler – South Carolina, USA
“This is a Tim Borski inspired fly I tied for a trip to the Florida Keys that never happened. Luckily I found out that redfish in my home waters love this fly.”

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Ninth Entry

from Ulf Börjesson, Sweden

“To quote the now sadly disbanded R.E.M and the enigmatic singer Michael Stipe;
Imitation of Life
I don’t think it can be done.
so this is my fly photo.
A Yellow May.
Otherwise it’d just been a shot of an F-Fly.
A fly that imitates everything and nothing.”

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Seventh Entry

by Will Shaw, Scotland

The Treacle Parkin
“It’s slightly soft in focus, which is apt because I like to view this fly through misty eyes; looking back 35yrs or so to when I first used one on the headwaters of the River Ribble. In those days my dad, brother, and I never used anything else and almost always caught trout. Lively little brownies which seemed to be perpetually looking skywards.”

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Sixth Entry

from Laurent Keiff, Northern France

“Here’s my story. Even though I’m like what’s closest to the contrary of a flytier, I just had to enter the contest.
I had this idea: let’s make a beetle. With a twist. I had seen a buddy tie one with a piece of foam, it looked cool, but it occurred to me that the fish actually doesn’t see the back of the bug. So it’s a nice place to put some badass decorative stuff, in order to both catch big and impress the crew. On the plus side, you get to see the bug better.
What I needed:
a size 10 hook, black thread, black neoprene foam (back), black chenille (body), rubber legs, black feather fibers (antennae).
What I had: none of the above.

All right, I said. Time for come combat tying.
Hook: recycled from an ugly streamer, sacrificed for the cause
Thread: gudebrod A size thread from my rodbuilding stuff.
Body: one of my daughters’ black elastic hair bands
Legs: broomstick bristles
Antennae: idem

Add to the mix some serious clumsiness, total lack of tying experience, attitude issues.
Truth be told, also a touch of Gimp. Et voilà…”

friggin’ awesome ! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !
(wait ! did he really say Gimp ?!)

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Fifth Entry

alright folks, here’s another fly-photo contest entry where we don’t see a fly !… *

from Scott Loudon, Somewhere, Scotland

“Beautiful sunny day, around 25deg in Northern Scotland (unusual to say the least), first time salt water fly fishing in Scotland. Turns out to be very succesful with double figures of pollack caught, biggest 3lb for my friend, only small ones for me. On the way back to the car, I look over the bridge in the brackish water below, there are a few mid-size crabs scuttling about. I announce to my three friends that I intend to catch one on the fly much to their amusement. I drop my clouser in front of it’s nose, give it a twitch (maybe a leisenring lift! haha) and it nails it! Aggresively grabbing with both claws, and I landed it! My friends were shocked/impressed/in hysterics and quickly wanting in on the action. That’s my entertaining story to go along with it, I like to think I pioneered the sport of fly fishing for crabs.”

* i since received an enlargement where we see, well… a much bigger crab !
friggin’ awesome !

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Third Entry

by Jan Korrubel  South Africa

looks like we’re gonna have to use our imagination here !

” 20” brown trout taken by my client on The Bushman’s River (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), last week Tuesday 29 November – one happy chappy! There’s a dry fly in there (a R.A.B – “Red Arsed Bastard”) – but it’s halfway down the fishes throat!

ps- The fish made it back – we work C&R here on the rivers, no one stocks the rivers any more for the last 50 years, so we want to keep them for as long as possible.”

The Friggin’ Awesome Limp Cobra Holiday Photo Contest !

here’s the prize-
Bob Wyatt‘s  wonderful new fly tying step by step dvd- Flies That Catch Fish – What Trout Want Volume 1 Dry Flies and Emergers very kindly donated by Jeanie and Carl McNeil of On the Fly Productions.

and here’s how you can have a chance of winning this friggin’ awesome dvd just in time for the holidays. and since the prize is about flies, so is the contest !

send your favorite fly photo to limpcobra@yahoo.com with the contest title as your email subject before midnight on Sunday 18th of December. each photo will be proudly displayed on the main page as they come in. final judging will be made at that time and the dvd will go out to the lucky winner the next morning to be in your mailbox just in time for x-mas !

Contest Rules-
-the photo must be yours but outside of that there are no rules !
-as long as it’s a photo and there’s a fly in it, go friggin’ nuts !
-do your best or do your worst !
-it doesn’t mater what you do but just friggin’ hurry and do it !