a nice use of paper and ink

i’ve always liked Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’.
the struggles, the intimate relationship the old guy has with his environment, his deep weathered wrinkles and maybe because of the unusual form of catch and release…
here’s a nifty animated drawing with a lot of imagination sure to set the mind to far away places. the music is awful and does not compliment the images in any way so just click mute and listen to your ‘inner waves’. enjoy !


in the parking lot there’s a van, not a car. there’s a van there because the van shows me these places and lets me snuggle up inside it, nice, warm and dry and wake up next to these beautiful places. ultimately, the van doesn’t really care where it is but as long as i’m happy, it puts up with all of my whims and takes me to the next lovely place to wake up and have coffee. anglers often talk of lines and rods, the latest clip-on zingers and cool caps to wear but in the end, the most important fishing accessory i could have is the van.

north west coast of England