following up on ‘a moonlight serenade‘, our down-under friends have come up with an ingenious and natural method to mow the lawn at the Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club. (in fact it’s so ‘natural’ they didn’t even have to do anything, these huge rodents show up on their own and have to be chased away with repeated floggings of fly lines before the club members can use the facility)

what a nice way to warm up the muscles before a casting session ! :mrgreen:

wait till Quill Gordon hears about this, it might solve some other problems he’s been having. they do know how to fight and defend their territory after all…

for the love of Quill’s water.

what a wonderful way to start the week ! reading my coffee mails, this big smile popped in from Quill Gordon, too good not to share.

” This was a very rough, cold, wet week at work for me as the fill behind “my” spillway washed out, cutting a trench 2 meters deep around one end. What started out as a hole the size of a soccer ball on Sunday grew to a gaping maw over the course of several days, even as I threw everything I could find into it. Over 300 sand bags and a couple thousand kilos of sand went in on Wednesday and I was able to hold things together until I could line up trucks, rocks and machinery to put in a patch, which we finished just after sun down yesterday. Compounding my frustration was the fact that I had to deal with engineers and an entire committee of people who live far away and had a hard time understanding what was really happening. Of course, it didn’t help that it was very cold and very windy all week, either.
I went over today to see how our repair was holding and was very happy to see all was well. I was so happy, in fact, that I sat on a rock and took some pictures of the ice that was forming from the splash. Looking through the shots I got, I came across one that made me think of you and the Love of Water. I’m attaching it to this email, for your enjoyment. “thanks Quill !

A Package from Sweden and Another Story not About Fishing

want a cool read ? well, look no further.
Quill Gordon, winner of last month’s “Friggin’ Awesome” photo contest    is shack-nastying in a way too frigid Vermont but his fingers are on fire and here’s some friggin’ awesome story telling. enjoy !

“Robbie was a big, ruddy Scotsman who had grown up in Australia. He was an adventurous fellow and, in his youth, he had been the main attraction at Captain Jack Freemantle’s Reptile Farm and Tannery, subduing crocodiles to the delight of Japanese tourists who came all the way to Australia just to see him. Unfortunately, Captain Jack’s place was destroyed by a flood in 1975 and, in order to distance himself from the legal proceedings that arose from the inadvertent release of some 16,000 crocodiles into the surrounding countryside, Robbie fled to the U.S. and became a professional wrestler.”

A Package from Sweden and Another Story not About Fishing « The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond.