brainwashem’ young- Kristofer

Kristofer 1 TLC b-wm'young 7-10-13for sure, having one of the best tiers in the world as dad doesn’t hurt, but the real motivation has to come from themselves

Kristofer 2 TLC bw-m' young 7-10-13and result speaks for itself…

super-good going little buddy ! hope to catch up with you again soon.

as for dad Ulf Hagström, author of the very much read article Think differently – The fish eating fish fly , be sure to dig through his site The way of the Fly  to discover some gorgeously tied hidden treasures.

the Teardrop Loop Wing (TDLW) Caddis

by Ulf Hagström

“yum-yum juicy good”  says Mrs. Trout ! from buddy Ulf here’s a super-nice twist to the classic fold-over cdc wing not only making it stand proud from the crowd but giving it a much more realistic silhouette. tying it involves needles and flames and gummy-stretchy stuff so it’s obviously a cut above the rest for the avid tier !

“This fly that I want to show here is a rather simple but dead effective loop wing caddis. It is a rather long wing with a special appearance, hence the name of the fly. Also I use a little unusual material for the abdomen, you can of course use any other that you are fond of, like nymph skin, flex skin or even just a dubbed and ribbed back body. The flat flexible jewelry “thread” that I have used here are very similar to flexy floss I think.

Fish it actively either when there is hatches of caddis fly or when they are fluttering around on the surface for egg laying.”

i would have included ‘sexy butt’ somewhere in it’s name but (SBTDLW) makes it hard to remember and once combined to a Swedish accent it’s bound to get a little messy…
click either pic for Ulf’s great step-by-step and don’t forget to crush the barbs. enjoy !

Ideas, drawing boards and live testing

By Ulf Hagström

once in a while something comes up out of the ordinary in fly design and this is another one of those special moments.
inspired by scientific fish studies, good friend Ulf Hagström has done it again and come up with a design that stimulates feeding behavior in pike.
although these studies where focused on pike, in my mind it would be very unlikely that this stimulation wouldn’t be just effective with any other predator species, so this is something to think about and try out next time you’re working on a streamer patter for you favorite species.

“When you read up on pike feeding behavior and talk with guides and other people that fishes a whole lot more than I do it is evident that pike feeding behavior is not as simple as many people will think. My own conclusion this season has also come to the conclusion that pike are way more complicated than most people will give it credit for.

Anyway, what has been proven several times is that pike have a feeding behavior that often are triggered by competition, and clepto parasitic behavior. Other fish that are feeding, or other pike that are feeding, will get even the most stubborn of pike to act on instinct and start feeding aggressively. There have also been some new spinner lures introduced lately (I’ve been told) that mimics large baitfish hunting smaller fish. With this in mind I thought that I needed to design something similar but as a fly.”

click the pic for the rest of this very inspiring article. thanks Ulf !

The Last of the Mohicans

“Say the word “Baetis” to someone and most will just look at you strangely. Say “Ephemerella” and  and they will start to think you have gotten some kind of stroke, and when you say “Lebtholebia” you might just get a kick in the groin!”

hard to add more… here’s the SRM Dun mayfly step by step by one of the World’s finest fly dressers, Ulf Hagström. enjoy !