thoughts on the CCS system, combo feelings, The World of Death (things?), the soul, kicking loops, witchcraft

and a whole bunch of other things in this most insightful bit from my guitar thrashing/flyline flinging/yellowfish aficionado and buddy, Zoran Marinkovic.
the man’s got a point. what it is i’m not sure… enjoy ! :mrgreen:

“All that technical measurements and judgments represent only 49% of rod performances .

The rest of 51% belongs to out-comings  from achieved bond between Caster (suppose to be live thing ) and rod (suppose to be not exactly  alive) .

Once the rod wake up from The World of Death (things?)   , loops become alive as well , getting on the stage of system energy exchange  . 
And Hop -Miracle – all  these separate things become combo , exchanging the energy on  the same frequency levels .   

In the best case scenario, very good caster and very well matched rod for him -become ONE thing ,producing alive , kicking loops .

Now tell me is now that combo alive or dead thing ???

More ,does The Caster has right if he says  :”This rod has a soul , fuck the CCS’s and mesurements “

So, I think rod has a soul ,which  is pretending to be  dead before interaction with Caster , and before it becomes one nice and  alive  part of the combo .
With the soul . 

Such a Rod soul cannot be measured , the other part of combo  have to FEEL it – like a combo feeling  :???: 

One day , when scientists find a way to measure the feel and the soul, you will say: ” Fuck,  Zoran was damn right , he said that 345 years ago  !  :p  “:laugh: 

But , it was not me , people said that 10.000 years a go , that everything has a soul, but it seems we forgot on  it …. …just a little bit .  ;) 

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year , the life has a beautiful soul ! 

disclaimer :
btw, I am not African Sangoma or Serbian  Witcher neither (as you might think reading this  fairytail story for Good Night”)   :closedeyes:  , but bloody M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering by education .

In total  49% of stupid Eng. and 51% of vintage and  rebel and  still curious Soul  :laugh:  :cool: “