” The definition of a fly rod – an antenna which transmits peace, tranquility, excitement, fellow-ship, and most of all, an awareness and appreciation for the outdoors ”

– author unknown via Joan Wulff’s recently published book: New Fly-Casting Techniques

mickey's magic wand

when reading these words, the innocent bystander or hopeless romantic might think that a fly rod is something akin to a magical wand, maybe even something that has a soul, character, personality.
and then, the pragmatic who’s given some thought to these matters might probably start off thinking “what a load of c**p !” and then move on to describe a fly rod as a tool that makes casting the line easier than by hand, that it helps to control this line (and leader and fly) when in it’s on or in the water and then if all goes well, a cushioning lever to fight a fish when its hooked: a means to an end.

of course, i’ll be the first to agree and add that because of this ‘magic wand’, i kind of think it’s made me a better person on many different levels and throughout the years and travels i’ve made many and very good and close friends. i don’t like the ‘best friend’ concept but there is indeed this common denominator among those that might fit that bill: the fly rod.
most of them are quite bright in spirit and also share all the good and soul-healthy/good karma values mentioned in the title quote, but to be honest, they happen to be a minority and there’s just as many narrow-minded, selfish and conceited idiots who happen to carry a fly rod around as there are in seemingly any other activity.
‘best not to judge a person by their rod…