“be One with the bug”

and the bug will be One with you…

i’m not certain, but in the foreground it seems to be a Bibio Marci or Hawthorn fly.
however, in the background  i can certify that it’s Thomas Berggren from last tuesday’s casting and fishing course at Thomas’s fishery Lilla Malma, an hour’s drive southwest of Stockholm.
Thomas is a FFF Certified Master and Two-Hand casting instructor and a very good one at that. i’m doing a series of casting/fishing courses with him as continued preparation for my ‘when it’ll be the right time’ FFF Masters exam.

this will be my second attempt as i failed the first one two years ago at the EWF fair near Munich with Mr. Bruce Richards as head examiner. although the casting performance test was rather flawless (Bruce’s term) i was clearly unprepared and lacking in teaching experience and stumbled on a few points that should have been crystal-clear. if anything, the Master level is about having a higher level of teaching and that can only come from teaching and teaching and then even more teaching.
i’ve learned an enormous amount from the experience and even more since. time, reflexion,  dedication and the love of sharing does bare it’s fruits.
next time will be the good one !