the Duncan Knot

The DUNCAN LOOP KNOT by Norm Duncan

in this article Duncan explains how he developed the knot and then how it was stolen from him from an outdoor writer and renamed as the Uni-Knot…

“In the early 1960’s I was trying to develop a new way of tying a nail knot, I wanted to eliminate the need for using a nail.

I invented this knot around 1962 and first started showing it to my friends, then to the various fishing clubs, the sportfishing community in South Florida quickly caught on and started calling it “Duncan’s Loop”. Everyone knew I had invented this unique knot that applied to many of the terminal tackle innovations that were developing during this time period. This name became well enough established through the years that it eventually becoming known as the “Duncan Loop”. One day in the mid 1970’s Vic Dunaway the local outdoor writer called me and asked if I could explain and show him my knot, I went over to his house in Cutler Ridge sat on his back porch and explained how I developed the knot, showed him how to properly tie it and gave the pros and cons of the various applications. I was very surprised when a few months later Vic published an article in a sportfishing magazine in which he claimed to have invented a new knot that he called the “Uni Knot”. I understand that he justifies this by claiming that he adapted the knot to other applications. I have never confronted him regarding what I consider as his stealing and renaming my knot because he acquires notoriety and makes money by publishing articles related to the “Uni-Knot”. Since none of the sportfishing publications have seen fit to publish any of my writings I must find some way to document the innovations that I have made in the sportfishing arena. In this case the outdoor writer published his article about what I had invented over ten years earlier; meanwhile, none of these writers have quoted or published anything that has given me proper credit for the innovations that I created.”

-for Norm’s complete article graciously provided for us by Norm himself scroll down to the comments section-

this video shows how easy this knot is to tie, click the image.

keeping the fingers of his right hand inside the loop is a nice trick that’s usually not mentioned. at the end we see him leaving an open loop but we can tighten it down to the eye of the hook as on the diagram at the top of the page if we want. i often use this knot in open loop form at first but it always cinches down to the eye after catching a fish. if a permanent loop is required the ‘Non-Slip Loop’ is a better option in my opinion.

this is my go-to tippet to fly knot. even during tests at home it has not failed once on any sized diameter mono or fly used and even less on a fish. i highly recommend it.

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