The Bubble Spey

from  Swedish buddy Tobbe Hedin

” an upstream Snake Roll followed by a sweep Poke “ and a perfect example of how a creative caster will mix and match different cast elements to meet the demands of the moment.
the kind of thing that doesn’t happen (read can’t) to those that don’t prepare in advance and practice … 😉

a little help from our little friends

everyone knows that flies that have already caught a few fish catch more than those that haven’t. it could be about residual pheromones or some other attack-attracting properties left over from residual fish slime or who knows what but more than anything else i believe what really attracts fish are things that have been pre-munched.
‘ Who has munched will munch again’ and ‘Once munched, twice munched’ might just be the operating words in the semi-microscopic brains of our slimy friends. maybe.
though secretive in these matters, my friend Tobbe Hedin seems to be of the same opinion and has even trained his cat to give his flies this vital ‘pre-munched Mojo’ !

and to prove that this isn’t a fabricated Cobra-Fantasy and that there’s a true munching pattern, here’s Tobbe’s logo for his TH’s Flies & Fishing For Silver site.

be sure to visit his site and check out his awesome Scandi-Style salmon tube flies.