Fly Tying- A neat and nifty Spool Tender trick

via Tom Sutcliffe’s great The Spirit of Fly Fishing here’s an excellent, easy, ingenious and inexpensive way to keep threads, wires, monofilaments, tinsels, yarns and whatever else that might be on spools from unravelling when they’re not in use.
ok, it seems most tyers enjoy being in the middle of a big materials mess and i guess that’s fine but where unravelled spools really get to me is when said spools have been bounced and bumped around through travels and the layers of thread overlap instead of staying in touching turns. what happens next is the thread doesn’t unwind because well…. it’s trapped and this happens of course when you least expect it and fly tying isn’t about frustration, it’s supposed to be a ‘be one with the hook’ type of thing.

plastic ring binders found at any office supply shop are the main ingredient.
cut at the desired width and snap it on and that’s it !  notice there’s plenty of room to write a description of the material, this will be very useful if you’re custom-spooling.

click either image to access Tom’s complete article and while you’re there be sure to check out the rest for a view on fly fishing in South Africa. enjoy !

a small stream dream

“Growing up where the rivers where virtually always chocolate brown, I dreamed of crystal clear mountain streams that I occasionally got glimpses of on TV and in books. I finally got to the most beautiful crystal clear stream with my good friend and fishing buddy”
filmed in South Africa here’s a drop-dead gorgeous environment with what appears to be a very healthy and eager population of rainbow trout. the stuff that dreams are made of…

this one’s a real gem, enjoy !

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