A River Somewhere in Bhutan

first of all, Bhutan’s here-


secondly, filmed somewhere around 1996/97, perhaps a quasi-prehistoric era by contemporary fly fishing film standards, this adventure to what’s basically an unheard of trout fishing location brings us back to basics; there are no bells and whistles, gopros or drones that attempt to intensify the viewer’s experience.

what we do get however, is an honest and simple documentary of what must have been a unique and extremely rewarding experience: the kind that can’t be forgotten or compared to another.

its thirty minutes long so please reserve a quiet time to view this. actual fishing starts seventeen minutes in but then, and they do find gorgeous brown trout, that’s just a reminder that it’s all/mostly about the journey.

thirdly, enjoy !

Color Wheel

whether you want to use it to work out color schemes for your future tying endeavors, to try to figure out how light reflected off the stream bed reflected back up underneath the fly might affect it’s appearance or simply just to trip out for two minutes and three seconds while thinking of something else is up to you.
either way i hope you enjoy this brilliant video by Siggi Eggertsson. be sure to watch it full screen !

thanks to Laurent for sharing this video and making a colorful day even more colorful.