More Cat Gut !

we’ve already seen the yummymagicalyamazingful results cat gut* can give on caddis and mayfly nymphs by Lucian Vasies and today’s hot-off-the-vise video is from Davie McPhail tying his own version of a caddis larva using the same cat gut from Lucian’s online shop
enjoy !

i can imagine stocks will go out quite fast.

* once again:  no need to worry, no pussy was turned inside-out to supply us with this ultra-cool tying material ! it’s something like gross sheep or lab rats or something… :mrgreen:

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Tak’s Baetis Emerger

“any fish that wouldn’t find this sexy just doesn’t deserve to be caught”

taks_baetis_emerger i overheard that quote stream-side years ago but it’s hard to find a better use for it than with this fly designed by Rick Takahashi.


here’s a sweet  version of Rick’s pattern in this great tutorial  from INTHERIFFLE.COM

don’t let this fly’s name fool you (at least the baetis part) as a little color and size tweaking will turn it into an equally effective whatever-mayfly.
for the original recipe on Hans Weilenmann’s click the pic at the top of the page.
Tak’s image courtesy of AlpineAnglers

This Prince wants a change !

a great candy-yummy variation of the Prince nymph from Cheech over at Fly Fish Food.

usually tied on a straight hook shank, this version takes on a more dynamic appearance. that doesn’t mean that it’ll catch more fish but anything ‘dynamic’ has the wonderful side-effect of keeping me from falling asleep !
simple and straightforward to tie, Cheech’s well thought-out tutorial will guide you through this pattern. as noted, it’s one of those ‘must-have’ flies and one well worth having in different sizes and color/material combinations.

cheech prince fly fish food

“don’t be afraid to get a little crazy at the vise. Remember, you won’t know if the fish are going to eat it until you feed it to them.”
words of wisdom close to my heart ! be sure to click on the pic above to access the full article. enjoy !

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Stuck Shuck Midge

via Hans Weilenmann

sweet, simple and nice: trout candy…

primarily intended to be a midge/buzzer/chironomid pattern, it’s pretty clear this fly’ll also imitate mayflies and who-knows-what other bugs that might be stuck in the surface film, whether temporarily on their way out or permanently because things didn’t happened as planned. either way, bugs in the stage are as the title says ‘Stuck’ and if there’s one thing our slimy friends know, stuck means easy pickings and to prove this (ok, it could be wishful thinking but a lot of us believe it’s true) these bugs and their imitations will often be gently sipped instead of ‘lunged-on’, or in other words:
easy pickings = confidence = leisurely dining.


ok, it’s not half as fancy as yesterday’s Fatty Longtail but  it’s still a nice fly… 😆
enjoy !

below are a few midge imitations i tied up a while back for fishing in Sweden. the real bugs on this particular water where very dark, virtually black.

pretty much the same as Hans’ pattern and very effective, what makes both of these patterns and many-many more other midge flies interesting is: the natural doesn’t have a tail yet we feel the need to include them to our flies. emerging chironomids can have breather gills as in the classic Shipman’s Buzzer but they don’t look anything like tails.
i can of course offer no conclusions but a basic guess is they act as yet another attracting/appetite appealing point, perhaps a reminder in the back of their minds that previously eaten foods that had tails where good and safe to eat. who knows…

a Juicy-Latexy Caddis Pupae

via Mikel Elexpuru at flymage

here’s a trout candy treat in the form of a caddis pupae. it’s an intricate tie and i’m having a hard time understanding why the messy fibers at the the head weren’t trimmed off or better yet, folded back before finishing the fly… but other than that it sure is a pretty and ‘realistic’ bug with tons of triggers.
not only do we get to brush up on our Spanish, it’s also a treat to see a great tutorial coming from a somewhat lesser known tier . enjoy !