dongish’ winged worm

born from indecision,

dongish' worm thingy m.fauvet:tlc

the kind that says “you know worm imitations are always good early season fly thingies for when there aren’t any pronounced hatches !” and “dude, it’s March and you should be fishing March Browns !” and then the “ffs, you’ve been to the river three times last week and the bugs are playing dead, the only thing they’re (the fishes) are really excited about are baitfish imitations” and all that compounded by the sudden tying arousal provoked by yesterday’s arrival of this yummy new Premier vise by Marc Petitjean,
MP Premier m.fauvet:tlc
compounded by wanting to try out an all-in-one (material) abdomen/body that’s been safely tucked away behind all the voices noted above (there’s a whole lotta more but somehow the sexy vise managed to eclipse them at least temporarily) and this curved, appropriately-limped, subsurface, winged and dongy-worm thingy happened.
the voices say its gonna kick ass and i’m not about to contradict them. although me managed to fight the streamer directive (there’s tons of them in the box anyhow), at times its simply best to be submissive to oneself and simply bow deeply, tie as they dictate, drive, cast and reel them in.