“Let the river take you, wherever that may be… “

sounds cliché but how cool is this ?

Sound recordist and Montana local, ‘Fishman’ Mike Kasic, has an unmatched obsession for the underwater wilderness of the Yellowstone River. In this 10 minute essay film, Mike swims the Yellowstone like a human-fish through swift river canyons, watching trout in fast currents filled with frothing water tornadoes, stopping only to body surf river waves.

remember the last time you where swimming in the sea at night,

the inevitable ‘duh-DUHHHHHH’ playing over and over in your head getting louder and louder further increasing the super-creepy yet i love it and i don’t care, that only happens to others feeling ?
well, you couldn’t see it but this is what was going on beneath you.

a not-in-the-slightest bit creepy or spooky Stygiomedusa gigantea

“Stygiomedusa gigantea is one of the largest invertebrate predators known in the ocean, yet little is understood about its ecology and behavior. Stygiomedusa lacks tentacles, but has four extraordinarily large oral arms that are presumably used to envelope prey. The swimming bell of this spectacular medusa can reach over one meter across with arms over ten meters long.”

now the geek stuff’s out of the way, what we’re left with is an amazing deep-deep water creature that’s just well… amazing ! due to rare encounters researchers don’t seem to know a whole heck of a lot about this particular medusidae but it seems to only eat little tiny things and creatures no-one really cares about and definitely not people or baby seals or ocean pandas so, we’re basically safe.
on the other hand, what’s really creepy and spooky is the narrator’s voice but it can easily be obliterated by clicking your mute button.

if i where a parent i’d instantly show this to my kids not because it’s pooky, ghostly or strange or that they’ve somehow managed to grow oral arms… nor because its halloween time, but simply because its astoundingly cool and beautiful and maybe mostly as a reminder that nature and all its creatures come in many shapes and forms and whether they’re from land or water, they’re all f’n amazing. enjoy !

Sockeye Butts

and a few flanks and heads.

by Eiko Jones, here’s a lovely, can’t-get-enough, intimate and wonderfully silent underwater escapade featuring these fascinating migrators in their glorious party attire. be sure to watch it in full screen, enjoy !

some pretties

sure, i’m always happy to see kids and friends displaying with joy the fish they just caught but i’m so over the typical grip and grin shot its not even funny. its actually turned into a turn-off/repulsion of sorts thats hard to explain in a blog post but one thing’s for sure, the turn-off is at its strongest when there’s a clear disrespect for the fish and the image or film is all centred around the angler and not the magnificent, temporary partner.

as an obsessed fly fisher, i get more and more flack from by my flybrethren by saying things like this but the truth is, i like seeing fish unattached and free. its not like i don’t want to catch them, in fact, i’ve been fishing like crazy lately but the image that i want to remain doesn’t include tackle marketing, hands or a face.

something like these pretties…

2% by museline

Tarpon Cave by Frans De Backer

Love in a Mountain Stream by Mathew Hall

At last

don’t know if its Etta James’ lovely voice, cannibalism caught on film or the sight of all those super-excited Alaskan trout slurping down eggs like there’s no tomorrow that makes this short underwater video interesting. probably all three.

brought to us by deneki.com, bon appétit !

pocket rainbows

more great underwater footage from River Snorkel, this time some feisty and and oh-so cute rainbows busily feeding on subsurface bugs while doing their river dance. enjoy !


slow sunday

absolutely stunning (and slightly sexy) marine animals of the Great Barrier Reef.
filmed by Daniel Stoupin, be sure to watch this full screen and watch where you put your feet next time you’re faffing about in water. enjoy !

eighteen minutes of Brook Love

by Dennis Smeaton

in itself, it’s not like watching fish having sex is all that interesting but it’s not so often we get the opportunity to see them do it either. better yet, we’re not going to actually see any slimy fluids dispersion but rather the process of preparing the redd, mate selection, chasing off of sneaking opportunity seekers but most importantly, just how darn beautiful they are in their environment.
wonderfully unpolluted by flies, fishers and loud music, this little film is a real treat. enjoy !

a bit disappointed by the lack of information available on the net on this uniquely gorgeous fish to share with you, the best i could find was on Wikipedia HERE. it’s still worth the read.


ok, it’s not really a fish but it is slimy ! thanks to a whole bunch of groovy chromatophores this squishy creature gets to change color schemes in an instant.
i’m jealous. imagine if humans could do the same and how the World would be a better place if we could…

creepers creeping and a few fins

from Tightline Productions

it’s such a treat to see all these bugs up close and under water. i was going to start off with my usual: ‘check out the details and behaviour, it’ll help us make better flies and fish them better’ but then, they’re so weird and cool, why not just enjoy them for what they are: weird-cool creatures. happy thursday !

heavy petting Austrian-Style.

image courtesy of Global FlyFisher
mostly known for Mozart, Mozartkugeln, Mozart t-shirts and the notoriously expensive yet nevertheless worthwhile “Mozart Slept Here” motels, “There are other things than good fishing in Austria. Among the more obscure ones you will find the Museum of Sanitary Objects, where you can see Kaiser Franz Joseph’s summer cabin toilet (center) and his wife Katharina Elisabeth’s bidet (left).”

needless to say, Austria’s the place to be if you want to have some good, clean, subaquatic, intimate adventures.

doesn’t that look like fun ?

aquatic insects struttin’ their stuff- continued thoughts on fly design

more than just being able to enjoy watching these critters in their watery world, this video shows us some interesting aspects of the naturals that might be beneficial to keep in mind when recreating them at the bench.
while a lot of artificial nymph bodies are rigid, we’ll notice that the naturals bend quite a bit around the abdomen area, specially while swimming. this bend can go up as well as down, meaning that the conventional way of imitating them, with the tail and abdomen bent in a downward position is only half correct.
when they’re not swimming a good number of mayfly nymphs have an enormous amount of movement once again in the abdomen area but this time because of their breathers flapping back and forth to collect air.

many tiers have included these elements in the form of articulated bodies and ostrich herl or cdc breathers, just name a few, but there’s still a lot of possibilities left in fly design. a little imagination and experimentation with different materials just might bring on a new wave of nymph design.
of course, we can rightfully argue (and i’m one of them !) that most of the time, such details aren’t of any practical significance as many imitations that don’t really imitate anything at all are equally effective but i guess that as fly tiers, we’re all after the elusive dream of coming up with the next ‘miracle’ fly, the one that will turn on the fish when everything else leaves them indiferent !

source: Tightline Productions

Itu’s Bones

film trailer by Carl and Jeanne McNeil of On the Fly Productions

famous for their award-winning film Once in a Blue Moon and other fantastic films such as the series ‘Casts that Catch Fish’, the duo are at it again with a film about fly fishing of course, but this time it’s about helping to convert a what-used-to-be mainly commercial atoll fishery into a more lucrative sports fishery destination with an emphasis of the lucrative aspect for both the indigenous people and the fish, not some foreign investor’s group.

be on the lookout for the ‘Bone-Cam’ scene, it’s awesome  !