what’ll probably be a nice all-round something-or-other emerger for the soon to be river season.

'honey 10-2-13made with-


hook- Maruto C47 bl size 18
thread- Veevus 16/0 black
abdomen- honey peacock quill
thorax- hare & seal’s fur, honey and black mixed
wing- EP international fibers, black & off-white mixed

tan an’ dubh

dubh, pronounced doo is Scottish Gaelic for black.

tan 'an dubh

made with:
hook- Maruto D82 bl #16
thread- Veevus 12/0 dubh
tail- 7 Pardo medium fibers, select the spotted fibers near the tip of the feather to match the markings of the hackle
abdomen- hare dubbing  dubh
thorax- 2-3 fibers of Hends Spectra warm-dubh
hackle- Whiting Coq de Leon hen natural

see ? i told you these threads where strong.

the best part is they’re not just strong, a quality tying thread needs other qualities. for those interested in knowing more about these new materials click here Review- Veevus Tying Threads and Tying Materials

Pink Gum Drop

‘was playing around with the Gum Drop pattern and for some inexplicable reason these came out pink…
the construction is the same except for the eyes. these ones are also bead-chain based but the glaucoma effect was made by moulding little pieces of silvery plastic film, heating them (several times because most of the time it changed shape too much…) to take on the small bead’s shape, gluing them on and then covering the lot with milky -white paper glue and then covered with BugBond. it’s much too much work for fishing flies but i do like the effect.

made with-
Maruto C47 barbless hook #14 from Troutline.ro
Veevus  12/0 thread pink
red bead-chain eyes
Super Long Hair and a wee bit of Hends Spectra dubbing

thursday’s thistle

made with:

hook- Maruto D82 BL #16
thread- Veevus 14/0
tail- Pardo medium fibers
abdomen- Mad Rabbit dubbing trimmed and ribbed with the tag end of the tying thread
thorax & wing- cdc natural and white fibers inserted into split thread, wound and trimmed underneath

Magpie Brunch

some late morning snacks for my slimy friends.

made with:
– love
– hook: Maruto D82 # 16 barbless
– thread: Veevus 16/0 black. waxed applied before every step
– rib: Mad Rabbit dubbing, touch-dubbed
– hackle: magpie roadkill feather from the lower neck
– image background: Apple wireless trackpad (optional)
the Maruto D82 is originally intended as a light wire dry fly or light nymph hook so this model will stay close to the water’s surface. i chose this model because it would allow a slightly longer and straighter body than most of my other hooks. it has an interesting bend, i’m anxious to see how it holds fish !