Tying The Chironomid Emerger

by Gareth Lewis in Southern Wales
“Like most of the patterns I tie, I can’t claim any creative-rights, however, I have tweaked this pattern a lot over the years, and it’s a simply fantastic pattern for both trout and grayling; during the warmest and coldest months. A simple pattern with only a handful of materials, it’s a great imitation of the emerging chironomid (non-biting midge) as it sits in the surface film, attempting to break free. All the triggers are there – with an emerging ‘mess’ of legs, a little flash to imitate the chemical-like bursts of bio-matter, and a nice, simple, CDC wing. I never EVER go on a fishing trip without this pattern.”

sounds pretty darn good and the fly looks even gooder ! click the pic for the step-by-step video on Gareth’s web page Fly Fishing in South Wales.