a Wake up Wiggle

as in: “It don’t matter if the fish are hungry or not ’cause when they see me shake my thang the only thing they’ll be thinking about is slurpin’ me down”

here’s the Waking Wiggle beast

waking wiggle

and here’s the Wiggle that’ll wake up the most lethargic fish.

the body and tail are just a variation of a Woolly Bugger and the shell/head is two pieces of sheet foam glued together. simples.
be sure to place a drop of glue behind the hook eye before slipping the foam lip over to keep it in place and keep the fly tracking straight during the retrieve.
as always, play around with colors, sizes and materials.

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was playing around with the NyMers half nymph/half streamer style, trying out some awfully nice coloured fox body fur a friend gave me at the Uppsala fair and keeping the fingers busy on a lazy sunday evening.
this stuff seems quite interesting, after the bathtub test the fox fibers take on an elongated tear-drop shape and wiggle in the water in a swingy-sexy manner, similar to marabou or rabbit fur. nice.

size 12

size 10