Floating Flies and How to Dress Them

by Fredric M. Halford 1886 via Thefishingmuseum.org

halford 1

cold, depressed by closed rivers and the oncoming xmas onslaught ? here’s a little something that should distract you for at least a little while. regular readers will already know of my lack of affection for this Halford character but that doesn’t mean that he was all bad. the book is after all a classic and well worth the read, specially at work or hidden away in a back room during family festivities.

halford 2

see ? anyone that says grayling are silly can’t be all bad. click either image to access the complete online book. enjoy !

Grey Flagging

hot off the vice and extra-yumm, this lovely caddis imitation is well, simply lovely.
if a fish doesn’t want this, it doesn’ deserve to be caught…  *

* – i’m not sure what that last part means but i’m sure you got the point. enjoy !

‘winged thing

funny enough, i’ve been tying flies almost everyday for the last few months and completely forgot to photograph any of them… anyhow, this little non-descript winged semi-drowned emerger thing popped out of the vise last night while at a friend’s. as such, and considering it was made from stray bits i found on the table, i’m afraid the materials list will be quite non-specific.

hook, thread, wound quill, dubbing and two hackle tips.
the hook’s approximately size 18 and everything’s on the rusty-brown-olivish’ tone, just about what’s been coming off at the lake lately. this one’ll go for swim on friday.