more WTF !

another version in the WTF (Wacky Tactics Fly) series,

made with:
Partridge CS 54 #8 hook
Veevus thread black
orange tungsten bead
foam- red and black
gold polar chenille body veil
marabou tip palmered at the head
foam and body are reinforced with Bug-Bond Uv resin

though originally designed for saltwater shrimp imitations these hooks are awesome for freshwater salmonid patterns. the barbs crush well, highly recommended !


brought to you directly from France where fish have flair and fly design is an exuberant affair, here ladies and gentlemen is the appropriately named ‘WTF’ fly. (Wacky Tactics Fly)
designed primarily for stillwater stocked rainbow trout where the idea is to offend their sense of aesthetics so much that they’ll want to get it out of their way and put it on the other side of the lake ! not having hands or feet or FedEx, to do so they have to displace things with their mouths and BAM ! they get hooked and i get to pretend i caught a wily trout for a minute. suckers…

you’ll notice two usually contradictory elements on this fly: a sinking bead and a good amount of floating foam. at rest, the ‘WTF’ points nose down and with the slightest retrieve the whole thing flips and dips and the golden tail waves at the fish like a dolphin’s tail, further confusing it. the fine marabou feather tips ‘veil’ the form in a mysterious milky-like cloud reminiscent of fish egg slime.

it’s made with:
Gamakatsu #6 Circle hook
Veevus thread white
tungsten bead
three kinds of flashy stuff (two of them are invisible to the human eye)
and it’s all reinforced with Uv resin !

The Fly Casting Glove…

here’s a real treat ! space-age science and technology meets i’m not sure what… to help us be better fly casters and fishers through the use of horrible, painful, strident sounds ! ! !

“ It’s almost like having a muscle-memory sport like golf, get into your head and say “I’m doing this right because the tonal signature in my head is telling me that i am casting this in a proper motion, I’m stopping the rod and I’m getting the flyline to move through the rod and through the guides. “

” This a wonderful tutorial system that has to be used with one on one instruction from an accredited instructor. “

check out the promotional video of this amazingly debilitating gadget and be sure to crank up the volume first !!!

i’m speechless (but mostly deaf)  enjoy… !