Fly Tying- the Chroma Caddis Cutie

yes, i think this thing’s cute but more importantly, fish do too.

friday's face caddis pupae M.Fauvet:TLC 29-8-14

some would say that HackleAndWing‘s version of the not-so-new latex bodied caddis pupaepattern is a little overly fussy and i’d mostly agree. however, tying hard-core bread and butter fish attractors tend to be a simplistic and sometimes monotonous endeavor so, sometimes its nice to add a little fuss just for the fun of adding fuss.

extremely well explained with tons of details worth paying special attention to, the final result has all the trigger points, proportions and profile the real pupae has and is well, yummy to say the least. i hope you’ll enjoy.

an Autumn Dun Variant

a super-sweet, scruffy-buggy, all-around, fishy-sexy, easy to tie mayfly dun (adult) pattern good to go any where in the world. make it smaller, bigger, longer, shorter, thinner, fatter and play around with different colors and mixes of colors to suit the local needs. enjoy !

more WTF !

another version in the WTF (Wacky Tactics Fly) series,

made with:
Partridge CS 54 #8 hook
Veevus thread black
orange tungsten bead
foam- red and black
gold polar chenille body veil
marabou tip palmered at the head
foam and body are reinforced with Bug-Bond Uv resin

though originally designed for saltwater shrimp imitations these hooks are awesome for freshwater salmonid patterns. the barbs crush well, highly recommended !