Le Pouic !

from Tightline Productions

pronounced: Pweeek in french or in this case, Pine Squirrel Streamer in mid-western.
anyway, whatever you call it means fish. lots of fish. i have no idea who originally came up with the pattern but that person deserves a monument  just like the person who invented the bed does !
having come across this basic pattern years ago as a staple for colder-weather stillwater fishing and usually fished with a sinking line, playing around with the pattern, adding weight in front or along the shank to vary the swim or a fold-over foam piece in the front to make it float and wobble even more makes this a bread and butter fly for just about any kind of  fish in just about any kind of water.
for a slimmer profile use rabbit strips, for a chunkier aspect go for the pine squirrel as on the video. probably one of the least expensive flies to tie, it’s well worth diversifying components and profiles and have a good selection of them to cast to the fish. follow the basic pattern described below and they all will work and they’ll all work very well. enjoy !