deep thoughts

Apex Predators, Lack of Teeth and Renormalized Rationality

 and deep throat. yikes  !

“Humans like to believe that we are top tier predators. For most, it is true even without the use of weapons. For others, fearsome spiders and snakes reduce the ability to be any kind of predator at all.  It is just a part of the human condition. Take away all we have and it wont be long before animals find out that we are delicious and slow bags of meat… “

that’s just the intro to one of the more interesting reads on thoughts about fishing, fish, humans, predators, huckleberries, how it all relates, and who knows what else i’ve had the pleasure to read. it’s not like i necessarily agree with it all but it’s the thought process, manner and style i find particularly interesting. this isn’t your average “Went out and nailed the suckers !” blog post. lots of highly recommended food for thought.
click the pic for the full article, enjoy !

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